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Debora Barlow

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Client Testimonials

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I have been quilting for many years and do free motion machine quilting on my quilt tops. I like to bury thread ends but earlier methods that I was using were very tedious. However with SnagMagic needles it is super quick to pull the ends of thread to hide them between the top and backing. Since I discovered SnagMagic needles I no longer dread interrupting my quilting line and I have more artistic freedom. These needles are now one of the most important tools in my sewing room. I have shared my discovery with other many quilters who are also as enthusiastic as I am. Thanks Doug!!

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Recently during a visit to Red Deer I got one of those nasty little snags. Well no need to worry. My sister had a snag magic and out it came. In just a matter of a minute or two the snag had been pulled inside the material and my slacks looked like new with no sign of the snag.

Vivian Watt, Airdrie, Alberta
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I want to say thank you on receiving one of your Snag Magic needles. We have a young dog and in it's playfulness it has left snags in three of my shirts. When I saw your product I knew the value to these shirts immediately. In only a few minutes I was able to pull the snags to the inside of the shirts leaving the shirts in 'like new' condition. A small investment has saved me about $100.00 for these shirts alone.

Cal Knutson
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Why didn't I think of that? I have used it to repair some of my dress clothes and have saved money by not having to have the cleaners do the repairs. It just takes a couple minutes, and snags are gone. No longer do I have to fish for loose threads with a needle, or other tedious methods - just fit the loose thread through the loop, and pull it through.

Linda Shakotko Lloydminster, AB
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I hadn't done since my high school home economics classes. Not much has changed since then but Mrs. Thompson, my home-ec teacher, would have been as excited as I was to find SnagMagic.

I use expensive fabrics and one snag can ruin the entire project. Now that I have the inventive little tool I have one less worry.

Nice to see there are those out there inventing things that are useful, as well as inexpensive.

Sherri Decembrini Toronto, ON
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Her friend had seen them in a quilting magazine (name of magazine unknown). Dora ordered 3 sets and gave two to two other friends. She made the recent order to have another one for herself, and gave one set to another friend.

Dave Smith
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I use it to fix snags on clothing, on long arm quilting to hide the thread ends where starting and stopping the stitching, and in hand embroidery, knitting and crocheting to hide the ends.

Once you have one, you wonder how you got along without one. I'm sure I'll find use for it on the many other projects I do.

Dora Smith Schellsburg, PA 15559
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Since receiving the SnagMagic, I have been impressed with the money I have already saved in the cost of repairing or replacing clothing and I know that benefit will continue.

I work in a pharmacy and my husband is a pastor, and while we do not own a lot of expensive clothes, we must look our best. I don't sew, but I find SnagMagic so handy and so easy to use. I can now easily repair snags, loose threads in sweaters, and stray threads from buttons -- saving clothes that would have otherwise had to be sent to good will.

I chose to order the twin pack with the two colors, and I am really glad I did. This makes it easy to work with either light or dark material/threads, and makes fixing snags and buttons a breeze.

I recommend everyone make SnagMagic a part of their daily household tools, and it would make a Great Gift!


G.D Stewart Kelowna BC
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They are awesome and made burying the threads super easy!


Vicki Chang
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I have found it very useful when I have short threads that need to be pulled through the quilt while hand quilting.

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We use them for pulling threads to the backs of quilts after machine quilting. They love the SnagMagic!

Jan Hicks
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One friend in particular has been using it to bury the threads on her quilts. She has had a quilt at the Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky and she's very particular in how she finishes her quilts.

Christine Yavorsky
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When the thread breaks or I run out of bobbin thread, I use it for hiding the lose end within the stitching. It has saved me time and effort. I bought several so I would always have a backup. Each needle lasts a long time. All I can say is thank you for creating this wonderful tool.

Donna Lee McCalla
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I'm glad you sent this message. The reason I had ordered your product was to try it in threading in the tail ends of threads when I' m quilting . I machine quilt on a frame, and have found that your snagmagic works very well to pull these threads which I've knotted into the fabric to hide them.
I don't know if anyone else uses your product for this purpose, but so far it is working very well for me and seems to be sturdy enough to use for this.
Yours truly.

Laurie Challand
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Not sure I am using Snagmagic in an unusual way but I am thrilled how wonderful it is for pulling through the thread ends on my quilts.

The arrival of your email seems almost telepathic as I would love 4 more, please remind me how to pay and then send them over the pond! I can pay from my home banking app if you can give me an account number and a bank sort code.

Many thanks

Ann Revell