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SnagMagic is a tool that everyone needs in their quilting supplies and sewing supplies.

snag tool


Quilters love SnagMagic - and for good reason! When creating a complex pattern or design, or even something simple, quilters are then faced with the boring task of dealing with all the loose threads.

SnagMagic is one of those quilting and sewing tools that you wonder how you ever did without. Such a simple design, but so effective at fixing all those things that regular quilting and sewing supplies make challenging.

Sure, you can sew them back through, find clever ways to try tuck them in, but why put in all that work when there is a tool made to order?

SnagMagic easily and quickly fixes snags and loose threads. We created the tool to appeal to all quilters, from beginners to advanced quilting masters. We then discovered that this handy tool goes beyond the sewing community.

Tuck it in your bag when you travel and you'll have no more worries about snagged shirts, loose buttons, hanging threads, or necessary repairs. It's really that simple.

Wondering how it fares against 'other options' ? hear from Debora Barlow a professional award winning long arm quilter in the video below.  









SewFast was our second light bulb invention - so simple yet so effective! SewFast is great for all quilters and sewists, from beginners to experienced. No more struggling to thread through the tiny eye of a needle. SewFast has a large, flexible loop that is easy to thread and works with any type of fabric. Also comes with a handy carrying case so that you can make quick repairs to clothes and hems on the go.

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snag tool